208 Curtin to Churchill

Cablegram [Johcu] 67 CANBERRA, 3 June 1943


I would like to convey to you on behalf of the Australian people our appreciation of the deep significance of your public assurance that the war in the Pacific will be prosecuted with the same vigour as the war in Europe. [1]

We trust that it will not be so very long before final victory is in sight. [2]


1 The Sydney Morning Herald had reported on 27 May (p. 5) that Churchill had told a Washington press conference that 'Britain and the United States have expanded greatly and are talking of waging war with equal force on both the European and the Asiatic fronts'.

2 Curtin dispatched a similar message to Evatt in Washington for delivery to Roosevelt. See cablegram 618 of 3 June in Flinders University Library: Evatt Papers, miscellaneous cables.

[FA:A3196, 1943, 0.15031]