115 Commonwealth Government to Attlee

Cablegram 36 [1] CANBERRA, 5 February 1943 MOST SECRET

Your telegram Nos. D.54 [2] and 21 [3] Colonial Policy. We have noted terms of revised draft declaration which is to serve as basis for discussion between Lord Halifax and Mr. Hull. In this connection the Commonwealth Government would wish it to be clearly understood with reference to paragraph 5 of the draft that it regards Australian specific, strategic and economic interests as extending to South-East Asia, the South-West Pacific and the Pacific areas. We have been studying the project for a regional commission for these areas and will in due course communicate our views.

In the meantime we assume that we will be advised by you of the stage when we may take formal part in negotiations that may develop in Washington. Our Minister there is fully informed of our views and has discussed question with Halifax. [4]

1 Repeated to the Legation in Washington as no.15, to the N.Z. and South African Prime Ministers as nos 30 and 24 and to the Canadian External Affairs Dept as no. 4 2 See Document 113, note 2.

3 Document 113.

4 See cablegrams SW4-6 of 5 February on file AA:A3300, 262.

Cablegram SW4 instructed Dixon to 'follow closely the progress of the Hull-Halifax talks and advise especially when in your judgment the appropriate stage for Australian participation arises'.

[AA:A989, 43/735/1021]