61 Mr A. W. Fadden, Prime Minister, to Sir John Latham, Minister to Japan

Cablegram 11 CANBERRA, 5 September 1941


Your cable 414. [1]

In having your discussion with the Minister for Foreign Affairs [2] you will no doubt have in mind the recent discussions between Churchill and Roosevelt and the subsequent statements by Roosevelt to Japanese Ambassador in Washington [3] to the following effect- (a) warning that if Japanese Government pursues a policy of military domination by force or threat of force United States will be obliged to take any measures deemed necessary for safeguarding American rights and interests.

(b) intimation of readiness of United States to seek general settlement in Pacific area if Japan is ready to suspend her expansionist policy and embark on peaceful course.

We understand that so far Japanese Government has returned conciliatory replies though the difficulties in the way of Japan abandoning aggression and making some fair settlement with China will be apparent.

The United Kingdom Government are proposing to support the American approach and we have concurred in a formula to the effect that His Majesty's Government, who have no aggressive intentions, feel it necessary in the interests of peace to let the Japanese Government know that any further Japanese encroachment in South West Pacific area would compel His Majesty's Government to take counter measures even though these might lead to war between Great Britain and Japan.

In view of the steps being taken by the United States and Great Britain I suggest that your own principal line of discussion with Foreign Minister should include not only a vigorous denial of encirclement but also the strongest suggestion that there is complete unanimity between Great Britain and Dominions and a high degree of concert between Great Britain and the United States.

You will of course in no sense make any suggestion which could be construed as an isolated warning on the part of Australia.


1 Document 55.

2 Admiral Teijiro Toyoda.

3 Admiral Kichisaburo Nomura.

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