403 Mr S. M. Bruce, High Commissioner in the United Kingdom, to Dr H. V. Evatt, Minister for External Affairs

Cablegram S3 LONDON, 10 March 1942


Your telegram S.L.4 [paragraphs] (1) and (2). [1] I am doing everything I can to ensure acceptance Australian-New Zealand Anzac plan. I am confident that it will be accepted although there are some difficulties that will have to be ironed out such as that created by the temperamental peculiarities of King [2] whose full co-operation is obviously desirable.

Pending the operation of your proposals in Washington I am doing everything possible to ensure the maximum flow of equipment for our own Divisions and Squadrons and clear thinking on the problem of reinforcing Australia. On the latter point the exchange of messages between the President and Prime Minister [3] I gather, although I have not yet seen them, give grounds for some encouragement.

You can rest assured I will do everything in my power both directly and through his colleagues to bring home to Churchill how great an hour of opportunity the present is for him.

I have been daily expecting to hear from Maisky [4] with regard to the exchange of diplomatic representatives -my telegram No. 99 of the 24th February. [5] The delay is not altogether surprising as experience has shown that matters involving reference to Moscow proceed very slowly. It would, however, be unwise to press for a reply and equally unwise to seek a special interview to discuss the points raised in your telegram No. S.L.2. [6] These can only be dealt with when the opportunity presents itself If such an opportunity does not occur, e.g. Maisky receiving a reply from Moscow, I will make one by going to see him ostensibly further to discuss economic matters. On the wider aspects of Anglo-American- Soviet relations I will probably be cabling you in the near future.

To-day's TIMES suggests the probability of your coming to London at an early date. I trust this is correct as a visit from you would be of the utmost value.

I reciprocate your personal wishes.

1 Document 399.

2 Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Navy.

3 Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

4 U.S.S.R. Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

5 See Document 350, note 8.

6 Document 380.

[AA:M100, MARCH 1942]