437 MrR.G.Casey, Minister to the United States, to Mr A. W. Fadden, Acting Prime Minister

Cablegram 317 WASHINGTON, 29 April 1941, 10.50 p.m.


Your telegram No. 37. [1]

In extension of the first paragraph of telegram No. 313. [2]

Both yours and Curtin's [3] statements [4] admirable and equally met the situation here. They were released and pushed by the Legation and Bailey [5] to all press and radio sources.

Additionally I sent copies to the Secretary of States [6], to a number of leading Congress men and to all useful quarters.

Both statements carried by all press news services and published practically all over the United States, in fact far wider publication than original offending messages. Radio networks, on request, co-operated splendidly. National Broadcast Company particularly, repeated the statements all day in net-work news- summaries and in late evening news round-up.

By reason of inference that Australian Labour was at least hesitant on war Curtin's statement particularly useful.

Types of headlines in important papers as follows Australia Vows Full Aid in War.

Australia Sends Pledge.

Australia-British Rift Denied, Axis Plot Charged.

Australia Denies Disunity with Britain.

Australia Denies German Propaganda.

Australia's Wholehearted Participation in the War Unaffected.

Justice Frankfurter [7] sent the following telegram to Evatt [8] 'Congratulate you on Mr. Curtin's statement. Please express to him a stranger's admiration for confirming so eloquently Australia's dedication. Warm regards.'


1 Dispatched 28 April. See file AA: A3300, 174.

2 Document 436.

3 Leader of the Opposition and member of the Advisory War Council.

4 See Documents 433 and 434.

5 Director, Australia. News and Information Bureau, New York.

6 Cordell Hull.

7 Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

8 Labor Party M.H.R. for Barton and member of the Advisory War Council.

[AA: A98l, AUSTRALIA 39, ii]