433 Mr A. W. Fadden, Acting Prime Minister, to Mr R. G. Casey, Minister to the United States

Cablegram unnumbered 26 April 1941, 11.05 p.m.


I have given to the press the following statement begins:

Australia to a man stands solidly behind Great Britain in this war. The Australian people were proud to be associated with British and Greek troops in the Balkan sector of war. Even if this particular military operation does not bring the success we would have liked it to bring it cannot be emphasised too strongly that Australia is fighting this war as one of an Empire team. To the Australian that means that we will pull our full weight until final victory comes; there is not now and there never will be while Australians are Australians any half-hearted allegiance to a cause to which we have given our support.

There will be other battles in this war and Australians in the Navy, Army and Air Force will seek to play their full part alongside their brothers from Great Britain and our sister Dominions. Parliament will meet in Australia early next month to decide how best we can make a greater war effort than anything we have hitherto achieved.

In making this emphatic declaration I know that I am speaking for the Australian people and for all parties in the national Parliament. In the ordinary course I would not need to make such statements because they are not called in question by Australians.

But at present there is an intense German propaganda drive in progress in which an attempt is being made to tell German people and neutral countries that trouble has arisen between Great Britain and Australia. The German propagandists should try another line because the propaganda I have mentioned must fail: it is untrue. Statement ends. [1]


1 This cablegram was also addressed to R. G. Menzies (Prime Minister, in London) to Sir John Latham (Minister to Japan) and to Sir William Glasgow (High Commissioner in Canada}. See copy on file AA: CP290/9, 12.

[AA: A3300, 174]