396 Department of External Affairs to Mr R. G. Casey, Minister to the United States

Cablegram 455 9 April 1941, 6.15 p.m.

Your telegram No. 254. [1] Request that Macgregor [2] should be accredited direct to the State Department was made by the Minister for Commerce [3] because he felt in some respects our interests might not be in the minds of the representatives of the United Kingdom Government when dealing with supply requests under the Lend Lease arrangements. Page keen that both you and Macgregor will be able to work closely with the British Supply Council and with the State Department as well. Accrediting direct to the State Department for purposes of detailed discussions of individual commodities seems appropriate. On matters of broad policy it is presumed you yourself will remain in close touch with the United Kingdom authorities. Glad, therefore, if Macgregor can be accredited to the State Department with a copy to the British Supply Council. [4]

1 See Document 368, note 4.

2 Government Trade Commissioner in the United States.

3 Sir Earle Page.

4 Casey replied on 11 April that 'Macgregor has now seen all relevant leading men in British Supply Council, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Maritime Commission, and will keep in touch with them all and with me weekly'. See cablegram 276 on file AA:


[AA: A3300, 103]