225 Mr W. S. Churchill, U.K. Prime Minister, to Mr R. G. Menzies, Prime Minister

Cablegram unnumbered LONDON, 13 December 1940, 9.05 p.m.


I am sure that you will be heartened by the fine victory the Imperial Armies have gained in Libya. This, coupled with his Albanian disasters, may go hard with Mussolini. Remember that I could not guarantee a few months ago even a successful defence of the Delta and the Canal. We ran sharp risks here at home in sending troops, tanks and cannons all round the Cape while under threat of imminent invasion and now there is a reward. We are planning to gather a very large Army representing the whole Empire and ample sea power in the Middle East which will face a German lurch that way and at the same time give us a move eastward in your direction if need be. The success always demands a greater effort.

All good wishes.


[AA:A1608, A41/1/1, xvi]