199 Commonwealth Government to Lord Cranborne, U.K. Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs

Cablegram 587 14 November 1940,


Your telegrams No. 373 30th September [1] and Circular D.548 30th October [2] Ship Warrant Scheme. Commonwealth Government have given careful consideration to this matter and are agreeable to carrying out the interim procedure in so far as Japanese ships are concerned. This procedure will be operated as [sic] on and from 1st December next. Before they finally considered bringing into force the ultimate procedure of denying facilities to Japanese ships the Commonwealth Government would however desire full exchange of views with the United Kingdom Government in the light of the circumstances then existing. The scheme as outlined in your telegram D.426 of 17th August [3] was apart from Japanese ships and French ships in local Pacific Trade put into operation on 20th September vide our telegram of that date. From foregoing you will observe that no answer is required to your circular telegram D.548 but we could from time to time furnish you with information along the lines desired. [4]

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3 Document 76.

4 This cablegram was repeated to Peter Fraser, N.Z. Prime Minister, as no. 64.

[AA:A3196, 1940, 0.8831]