169 Commonwealth Government to U.K. Embassy in Tokyo

Cablegram unnumbered it October 1940,

Your telegram No. 53 of 3rd October. [1] I Following for Hard [2]- For your guidance in first approach subject possible evacuation of British subjects from Japan, following information is sent- It will be necessary to consult various State Governments as to whether they would be prepared to arrange on behalf of the Commonwealth for the reception of evacuees and placement in suitable accommodation, if the number is likely to be appreciable.

Before approaching the State Governments in this connection it is desirable that information be furnished under the following headings:-

(a) The approximate number of British subjects, men, women and children, of pure European descent likely to desire to proceed to Commonwealth. Those not of pure European descent are not eligible for admission.

(b) The proportion likely to have sufficient financial means to wholly maintain themselves whilst in Australia, if they cannot secure employment.

(c) In general terms what kinds of employment will be sought by evacuees and in what directions are they skilled or fully qualified.

It is appreciated that the British Embassy's suggestion is very tentative and exploratory and it is presumed that any specific request in connection with a proposed evacuation will be made by the Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs to the Commonwealth Government.

1 Document 155.

2 Assistant Government Commissioner in Japan.

[AA:A981, JAPAN 115A]