132 Mr A. R. Nankervis, Secretary of Department of the Navy, to Mr F. Strahan, Secretary of Prime Minister's Department

Teleprinter message D314 [MELBOURNE], [21 September 1940, 1.20 p.m.] [1]


The following message, timed 2200 G.M.T. 20th September has been received from H.M.A.S. ADELAIDE- begins-

All quiet yesterday and during night. Abortive Vichy rebellion by country gendarmes during day. Denis [2] interned 60 miles inland.

British Consul [3] and DUMONT D'URVILLE contacted each other by letter only. DUMONT D'URVILLE has lodged formal protest against presence [of] [4] and assistance rendered to De Gaullists by H.M.A.S. ADELAIDE. [Am attending] conference of Sautot [5] this Saturday afternoon with view to immediate positive action being initiated against DUMONT D'URVILLE. Situation still very confused, and possibly deteriorating. ends.

1 The addressee and the time and date of dispatch have been taken from the copy on file AA:A1608, D41/1/9, ii. This teleprinter message was also addressed to the External Affairs and Defence Co- ordination Depts.

2 Governor of New Caledonia until 18 September.

3 W. A. Johnston.

4 Words in square brackets have been inserted from the copy on file AA:MP1049, Series 5, BOX 72, New Caledonia-Establishment of Free French control 1940: signals ACNB-Adelaide.

5 Free French Governor of New Caledonia from 18 September.