13 Mr R. G. Menzies, Prime Minister, to Mr S. M. Bruce, High Commissioner in London

Cablegram unnumbered 5 July 1940,


On further reading proposed reply to Japan [1] and latest news

regarding increased power of militant party in Japan we are

impressed by view that if Great Britain not in fact sending

materials of war along Burmese Road there should be no difficulty

about undertaking [? not] to do so. Press cables to Australia

suggesting that Great Britain insisting upon the right to supply

war material to China are doing harm to public opinion which feels

that such materials are badly needed by British countries. Suggest

therefore that agreement regarding prevention of passage of such

material can properly be made. This applies Hong Kong Frontier as

well as Burma. [2]


1 Document 3.

2 This cablegram was repeated to R. G. Casey, Minister to the

United States, and to Peter Fraser, N.Z. Prime Minister.

Bruce replied on 6 July: 'United Kingdom supplies passing over

Burma road negligible. Supplies affected would be mainly American.

'See cablegram 521 on file AA: A981, Far East 31, ii.

[AA: A981, FAR EAST 31, ii]