12 Mr F. G. Shedden, Secretary of Department of Defence Co- ordination, to Mr F. Strahan, Secretary of Prime Minister's Department

Teleprinter message D1245 [MELBOURNE] [5 July 1940, 5.40 p.m.] [1]

Received 15 July 1940, 5.48 p.m.]


The following Minute from the Director of Naval Intelligence is

forwarded for the urgent information of the Department of External

Affairs and yourself. Also appended is a copy of the signal

referred to therein. Copies are being furnished to the Prime

Minister [2] and the Minister for External Affairs [3]-


A.C.N.S. [4]



It is submitted that the attached signal (0104Z/5) from S.O.(1)

Sydney, may be made available to the Department of Defence Co-

ordination, Prime Minister's Department, and Department of

External Affairs.

2. It is suggested that steps should be taken to prevent M.

Tremoulet from leaving Australia for any of the French Colonial

possessions, and that consideration be given to the desirability

of withholding from transmission any telegrams addressed by M.

Tremoulet to French overseas authorities.

3. It is already known that M. Tremoulet is fully supporting the

Bordeaux Government, and that he has endeavoured to persuade

French civilians in Australia to act likewise.

(Sgd.) R. B. M. Long,

Director of Naval Intelligence.



To D.N.I., Melbourne, from S.O. (1) Sydney. 0104Z/5

Information received from reliable source that French Consul-

General Tremoulet planning to leave for New Caledonia by the first

possible means. There he will probably tip balance in favour of

Bordeaux Government. Understand recent situation in New Caledonia

Governor [6], senior 2/5 Government servants and two important

firms Barreau and Bolande favour Bordeaux while junior 315

Government servants, Administrative Council, which has only

domestic powers, and most ordinary residents, favour dose co-

operation with Australia. Military Intelligence informed.

1 Times and date of dispatch and receipt have been taken from the

copy on file AA: A981, Consuls 127,i

2 R. G. Menzies.

3 John McEwen.

4 Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Captain J. Burnett).

5 Admiral Sir Ragnar Colvin.

6 Georges Pelicier.

[AA:A3195,1940, 15170]