454 Mr R. G. Menzies, Prime Minister, to Mr R. G. Casey, Minister to the United States

Cablegram unnumbered [28 June 1940, 1.35 a.m.] [1]


Please convey the following to the President of the United States-

'Recently I have addressed communications to you asking for a full measure of co-operation and assistance in the effort which the peoples of the British Empire are making to combat the forces which are threatening our existence and the free institutions for which we stand.

In our resolve to do everything possible to achieve victory the Government and people of Australia, in common with British peoples the world over, have been greatly heartened by the assistance which is coming from the United States of America.

We have no delusions as to the immensity of the struggle with which we are faced but we are confident of success and are prosecuting our effort with vigour. Further and increasing material help from the United States is, however, of supreme importance. We are confident that your great people, inspired by the same ideals as ourselves, will continue to extend to us all possible aid. With that help the British peoples will the more quickly and completely win peace for all who are now enduring the tribulations of this calamitous war, and with it security not only for themselves but for the people of the American Republic.' [2]


1 The copy of this cablegram circulated in Canberra was dated 27- 28 June. The correct date has been inserted from the Washington file copy on AA: A3300, 67.

2 There is no evidence that this message was delivered to President Roosevelt although Casey drafted a note to accompany it (on the file cited in footnote 1). Casey's original intention (see Document 449) was that he and Lord Lothian, U.K. Ambassador to the United States, should jointly deliver messages to Roosevelt from Menzies and Churchill. Churchill, however, decided against a further appeal and did not send a message (see copy of Halifax's cablegram 1304 to Lothian of 28 June 1940 on the file cited above). Markings on the Washington file copy and its cover suggest it was submitted to Casey for consideration five times between 1 and 9 July 1940.

3 The number has been inserted from the Prime Minister's Dept outward cable register (FA: A3637).

[FA: A3196, [0.4238] [3]]