375 Mr R. G. Casey, Minister to the United States, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 119 WASHINGTON, 13 June 1940

Great scarcity of cable news from Australia in American Press is most disappointing and makes more difficult presentation of our case and our viewpoint to American public which I am trying to do by constant contacts and speeches. It is an event when one reads any cables from Australia in any American newspaper except New York Times.

I have discussed above with Australian Associated Press in New York who suggest Commonwealth Government asking their Australian organisations to provide experimental high grade factual and opinion service from Australian newspapers for distribution in United States and Canada.

Suggest that [sic] one hundred and fifty words lodged about four p.m. and one hundred and fifty words lodged about six a.m.

Australian time. I believe reception in Canada can be arranged for distribution through American newsagencies, with co-operation of Australian Press representatives.

Essential that no Government instrumentality in Australia is connected with preparation of material to be cabled. If Government taint suspected here service would be boycotted.

Details should be arranged between Australian Associated Press and their New York office.

Approximate total cost above about three pounds Australian per diem. Preferable that man compiling above news had American experience.

Copy of this telegram sent Australian Associated Press New York.


[AA: A981, USA 79, i]