340 Commonwealth Government to Lord Caldecote, U.K. Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs

Cablegram 262 5 June 1940,


Your telegram No. 150 dated 15th May. [1] It is noted that Iida Company are being considered for inclusion in Statutory List.

Subsequently to despatch my telegram 215 of 11th May [2] evidence was produced that Iida Company were with other Japanese wool broking firms in Australia acting as regards the two shipments referred to only in a clerical capacity at this end on behalf of Mitsubishi Company. Undertaking now furnished by Mitsubishi Company and confirmed by Japanese Consul-General [3] on behalf of his Government that all wool shipped from Australia to Japan is being allocated through the Import Control Association to one or another of 36 members of Japanese Woollen Manufacturers' Association (none of whom is included in War Trade List) or to the Japanese Government mill. In such circumstances the two shipments had been released for export to Japan prior to the receipt of your telegram. The assurance referred to in my telegram under reference and the undertaking now furnished are being accepted for contraband control and trading with enemy purposes.

1 In Series FA: A3195, 1.3258. It transmitted a request from the U.K. Ministry of Economic Warfare that as the transfer of the Iida Company from the Black List to the Statutory List of Enemy Persons was being considered the consignments mentioned in note 2 should be held up for a month.

2 On file AA: A981, Trade 68, iv. It reported that the Japanese Government had given general assurances that no wool imported from Australia would be re-exported to countries which were then or might in the future be at war with Australia. It also requested United Kingdom approval for the release of two consignments for the Iida Company.

3 Masatoshi Akiyama. No record of this undertaking has been found.

[FA: A3196, 0.3504]