228 Mr S. M. Bruce, High Commissioner in London, to Mr N. Chamberlain, U.K. Lord President of the Council

Letter LONDON, 11 May 1940

In this hour when you are laying down the almost unparalleled burden you have carried for the past three years I want to express to you, if I may without impertinence, my admiration for the undaunted courage and determination with which you have undeviatingly followed the course which you set yourself when you first took office.

Unhappily circumstances were too strong and you were prevented from achieving your objective. War apparently had to come but by your resolute personal action you gained for us a year of preparation and brought into the conflict a United British Empire.

For this service you are entitled to the gratitude of all British peoples.

With every good wish to you and Mrs. Chamberlain from us both,


[AA: M100, MAY 1940]