158 Mr P. Fraser, N.Z. Prime Minister, to Commonwealth Government

Cablegram unnumbered WELLINGTON, 19 April 1940, 5.35 a.m.

The New Zealand Government propose to begin negotiations with the United Kingdom Government for renewal with appropriate adjustments of Purchasing Agreements for cheese, butter and meat which are at present current. Accordingly a telegram has been sent to the Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs [1] suggesting that discussions should commence forthwith.

The New Zealand Government desire to continue co-operation with your Government in discussions and negotiations and the New Zealand High Commissioner [2] in London has been informed accordingly.

Previous negotiations were assisted by the co-operation of Australian and New Zealand representatives particularly in London.

It would therefore be appreciated if you will let me have your views on the suggestion for continued collaboration in negotiations which it now seems appropriate to commence. If you approve I could inform you of the salient points for discussion as we see them. [3]

1 Anthony Eden.

2 W. J. Jordan.

3 The Commonwealth Govt replied on 27 April 1940 that it welcomed the proposed collaboration (see unnumbered cablegram on file AA:

A571, 40/1848, i). For further information on this topic see files AA: CP13/1, LXII and AA: A571, 40/1848, i.

[FA: A3195, 1.2564]