145 Commonwealth Government to Mr P. Fraser, N.Z. Prime Minister

Cablegram unnumbered 15 April 1940,


In view of world-wide interest movements big Cunard White Star liners [1], Commonwealth Government sought views British Government as to whether any relaxation likely in censorship regulation governing shipping movements. British Government replied that any news of arrival at or departure from ports within the jurisdiction of Allied censorship should be rigorously suppressed. Therefore most undesirable if information relating to presence of these ships and escorts were to be permitted.

Commonwealth Government have agreed to the suppression of any such news and would like to know whether your Government is of same opinion. [2]

1 These ships were used for the transport of Dominion troops.

2 Fraser replied in an unnumbered cablegram dispatched on 16 April 1940 that the New Zealand Govt entirely agreed with the views expressed by the U.K. Govt and would suppress all references to movements of Cunard liners (see FA: A3195, 1.2491).

[FA: A3196, 0.2232]