114 Mr R. G. Casey, Minister to the United States, to Sir Henry Gullett, Minister for External Affairs

Letter WASHINGTON, 26 February 1940

My telegram to you No. 32/40 of 23rd February [2], regarding the World's Fair in New York, raises at once the question of channels of communication on certain matters which I think should be settled without delay. I am sure you will agree that, on any question affecting this country, and involving Australian government policy, I should be advised first, even though it be a matter, such as the New York World's Fair, which as regards details is dealt with by Macgregor. [3] Otherwise I may be placed in an embarrassing position with the Administration here. I do not for a moment suggest that on matters of detail the Department should not communicate direct with Macgregor-in fact I think they should do so-but on matters of policy or anything which may involve discussions with or representations to the State Department, I think all communications should be sent to me in the first place and I hope you will be able to arrange this with your several colleagues.


1 This letter was received in Canberra on or shortly before 27 March 1940 when Gullett's successor John McEwen forwarded a copy to the Minister for Commerce, A. G. Cameron, with a memorandum (on the file here cited) which read in part: 'The caw in question arose before die Minister had become established, and I believe the procedure for communication between the Commonwealth Government and the Legation is now well appreciated.' The letter was received in the External Affairs Dept registry on 28 March 1940.

2 On file AA: A981, Trade 119, v.

3 Government Trade Commissioner in the United States.