67 Mr S. M. Bruce, High Commissioner in London, to Mr J. A. Lyons, Prime Minister

Cablegram unnumbered GENEVA, 27 September 1937, 11.29 p.m.


Attended meeting of the Advisory Committee today. After full statement by the Chinese delegate' reiterating and amplifying the previous statement United Kingdom moved, with French support, that whilst general consideration of the position must await further meeting, question of the bombing of open towns so serious and urgent matter should be dealt with forthwith. After some discussion, resolution expressing solemn condemnation unanimously approved. As given to the Press and no doubt cabled to Australia, unnecessary to set out. Meeting then adjourned till tomorrow when general discussion will take place. As neither United Kingdom nor France yet decided their attitude, impossible forecast how position will develop save that probable attitude of United States will be determining factor.

1 Dr Wellington Koo.

[AA : A981, CHINA 114, ix]