308 Mr N. Chamberlain, U.K. Prime Minister, to Mr J. A. Lyons, Prime Minister

Cablegram log LONDON, 27 October 1938, 6.46 p.m.


Your telegram 26th October No. 106. [1]

Following for Prime Minister from my Prime Minister. [2]

I am very grateful for your message. You will have seen from telegram Circular B.396 of October 26th [3] that the United Kingdom Government are entirely in accord with the views of the Commonwealth Government and that we have decided to take immediate steps with a view to bringing the Agreement into force. The question will be brought before Parliament when it reassembles. It would be very helpful to me to be able to quote the substance of your message in the House of Commons and I should much appreciate it if you could see your way to agreeing to my doing so.

1 Document 307.

2 This cablegram was sent through the U.K. Dominions Secretary.

3 This cablegram from the Dominions Secretary stated that the British Cabinet had decided on 26 October to bring the Anglo- Italian Agreement of 16 April 1938 into force and to send credentials to the British Ambassador in Rome accrediting him to the King of Italy, Emperor of Ethiopia. Both the implementation of the Agreement and the presentation of credentials were likely to take place in mid-November (see AA : A981, Italy 30, ii).

[AA : A981, ITALY 30, ii]