30 Mr J. D. L. Hood, External Affairs Office, London, to Lt Col W. R. Hodgson, Secretary of Department of External Affairs

Memorandum S3878 LONDON, 22 May 1937

In continuation of S.3865 [1], during a farewell conversation on 19th May between Sir R. Clive [2], the Minister for Foreign Affairs [3] and the Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs [4], the Japanese Ministers referred to Mr Lyons's suggestion of a non- aggression pact. Sir R. Clive reported his conversation with Count Makino [5] and complete agreement was expressed on the following points:-

(1) An understanding in the Pacific, especially between Great Britain, the United States of America and Japan, should be the objective to be worked for.

(2) A conference at present would be premature. Much detailed preparation would be necessary before any such understanding could be usefully discussed.

(3) An improvement in Japan's relations with China was the first essential. This, the Ambassador said, would be welcomed in England and, he believed, in the United States of America. The way would then be clearer for a general understanding regarding the Pacific.



1 Not printed.

2 U.K. Ambassador to Japan 1934-37, whose term was about to finish.

3 Naotake Sato.

4 Kensuke Horinouchi.

5 Count Nobuaki Makino (1862-1949), former diplomat, cabinet minister and Minister of the Imperial Household; Lord Privy Seal 1925-35; father-in-law of Shigeru Yoshida.

6 Although Hodgson was in London, this memorandum was addressed to 'The Secretary, Department of External Affairs, Canberra', as was customary. Copies were sent to Canberra, and to Hodgson in London (See file PA : A2938, Regional Pact).

[AA : A981, PACIFIC 23]