264 Note of Meeting of U.K. and Dominions Representatives

Extract LONDON, 17 September 1938, 6.15 p.m.



Malcolm MacDonald, acting for Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs S. M. Bruce, High Commissioner for Australia C. T. te Water, High Commissioner for South Africa Vincent Massey, High Commissioner for Canada F. T. Sandford, Secretary, New Zealand High Commission J. W. Dulanty, High Commissioner for Eire Sir Edward Harding, Permanent Under-Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs E. G. Machtig, Assistant Under-Secretary of State, Dominions Office C. W. Dixon, Assistant Secretary, Dominions Office

MR BRUCE asked whether the question of future guarantees for Czechoslovakia had been raised.

MR MACDONALD said that it had not been raised in the discussion between the Prime Minister [1] and Herr Hitler. It had been raised in the Cabinet but not discussed at length.

1 Neville Chamberlain.
[PRO : DO 114/94]