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China Embraces the Market

China Embraces the World Market
November 2002

Overview of report

China's entry to the World Trade Organization is an important milestone in its historic journey to 'embrace the world market'. Not only is China further lowering its trade and investment barriers, generating immediate opportunities for exporters and investors, but its WTO entry package reinforces the reform program that is revolutionising the Chinese economy. By further scaling back the role of the state sector, opening and restructuring the financial sector, strengthening the legal system and gradually levelling the playing field for private and foreign firms, China should improve its still challenging business environment and maintain strong growth over the next decade, providing expanding opportunities for Australian business.

The report analyses the impacts of WTO entry and other recent reforms on China's economy, forecasting prospects and highlighting major Australian opportunities emerging in agriculture and agribusiness, minerals and energy, manufacturing, infrastructure and services. It provides guidance on navigating the rapidly changing business environment, helping business reduce risk and capture emerging commercial opportunities. The report updates the EAU's major 1997 report, China Embraces the Market.


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