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China Embraces the World Market

Case Studies of Australian Businesses in China

MDA Australia

State: New South Wales
Sector: Manufacturing and Infrastructure

MDA Australia is a Sydney-based firm providing cost management, project management and traditional quantity surveying services for construction projects. Since the early 1990s, MDA Australia successfully provided specialised consultancy services in China, including aircraft hangar and maintenance facilities in Guangzhou and Wuhan and industrial projects in Shenzhen and Kunming. In addition, MDA has provided reports to the Civil Aviation Administration of China for airport projects in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and master planning assistance to the authorities at Guangzhou's New Baiyun International Airport.

From its experience in China, MDA stresses the need for seeking the right contacts and establishing good working relationships. Working in China also means dealing with the language barrier, protocol and local customs; learning a few words of greeting in Chinese is well received and researching these issues prior to arrival in China avoids possible embarrassment. However, business meetings or technical negotiations are best left to professional interpreters. MDA is very optimistic about its future in China, particularly given China's entry to the WTO and its hosting of the 2008 Beijing Olympics; these trends are dramatically boosting demand for quality professional services.

Source: MDA Australia, 2002.

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