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China Embraces the World Market

Case Studies of Australian Businesses in China

La Trobe university

State: Victoria
Sector: Services

La Trobe University is a leading Australian international university, with over 2 000 on-shore international students and 200 active links to universities in many Asian countries.  Research in China covers areas as diverse as health, culture, law and archaeology. About 400 students from China are enrolled at La Trobe, mainly studying business, English, commerce, health, information technology or management.  La Trobe also offers an MBA and a Master of Health Administration in Mandarin, allowing Chinese managers to study in Australia for 12 months.

La Trobe also delivers courses in China in applied linguistics, health administration, nursing and business. Courses are attended by 3 500 students in 25 Chinese cities across 14 provinces and the Hong Kong SAR. La Trobe also has a leading role in the International Education Network, a consortium comprising La Trobe, Deakin and Flinders Universities, the University of Tasmania, North Melbourne Institute of TAFE and the Australian Centre for Languages.

La Trobe advises caution when choosing partners, particularly through building relationships with people you trust and maintaining clear lines of communication and responsibility. Continuing challenges include managing growing numbers in China while maintaining quality and securing visas and repatriating funds in a timely way.

Source: La Trobe University, 2002.

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