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China Embraces the World Market

Case Studies of Australian Businesses in China

Hunt and Hunt Lawyers

State: Victoria
Sector: Services

Hunt & Hunt has been assisting foreign companies in China and Chinese companies investing overseas since 1987. In early 1998, Hunt & Hunt was granted a licence to open a representative office in Shanghai. Hunt & Hunt advises clients on drafting joint venture, technology licensing and land use agreements in both English and Chinese, and the establishment of wholly foreign-owned enterprises. They also assist foreign companies in arbitration proceedings in China and with the enforcement of arbitral awards in the two countries.

China's regulatory environment is complex and has not always been amenable to foreign businesses. Also, foreign law firms face numerous legal, geographical, hiring, tax and other restrictions. While China's accession to the WTO is expected to result in progressive reduction of these restrictions, authorities are increasing regulation of licensed foreign law firms. Therefore, while WTO accession should bring about greater market access for foreign firms, it also will be accompanied by greater accountability and administrative requirements. Nevertheless, Hunt & Hunt is confident that there are considerable opportunities in China, due to the strong professional image of Australian lawyers and the maturing and better regulated Chinese business and investment market.

Source: Hunt and Hunt, 2002.

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