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China Embraces the World Market

Case Studies of Australian Businesses in China

Australian Tourist Commission

State: New South Wales
Sector: Services

With over 170 000 Chinese visitors to Australia in 2001 and recent annual growth averaging over 30 per cent, the Australian Tourist Commission, ATC, sees China as one of the most important emerging markets for inbound tourism. Already China is Australia's seventh largest source of visitors and Australia ranks as one of China's top ten tourist destinations. In 1999, Chinese authorities selected Australia under the approved destination system. The ATC actively markets Australia to China's increasingly free travellers. Chinese travellers perceive Australia as having a great natural environment, unspoiled beauty and good tourism infrastructure that can offer unique and interesting experiences.

By 2005, China is likely to be Australia's fifth largest source of tourists, behind only New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States and Japan. A 1999 ATC survey showed 3 out of 10 residents of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou would like to travel abroad, but only 2 out of 10 have been outside China before, mostly on short trips to Hong Kong and Macau; this indicates further potential for strong growth.

Whilst this potential is encouraging, the ATC stresses tourism providers must undertake extensive market research, commit long-term and build a wide relationship network. Also, Asia still dominates as a destination for Chinese travellers and similarly priced and highly regarded European destinations provide strong competition, especially given substantial available airline capacity and a wide variety of destinations on a single visa.

Source: Australian Tourism Commission, 2002.

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