Protocol Guidelines

1. The diplomatic and consular corps

1.1 Introduction

There are ninety-six diplomatic missions in Canberra, most headed by Ambassadors or High Commissioners. In addition, some thirty Heads of Mission have non-resident accreditation to Australia.

Canberra, the capital city of Australia and home to the Federal Government, is neither a large population centre nor a major commercial base. For these reasons, many consular posts have been established in Sydney, Melbourne and, to a lesser extent, other State and Territory capitals to provide core consular services. Many of these posts are headed and staffed by career consular officers, and there is also a significant number of honorary consuls who make an effective and valuable contribution to the consular network in Australia.

A number of international organisations are represented or headquartered in Australia. The status of international organisations' offices and representatives in Australia derives from sources other than the VCDR. However, much of the practical advice provided in this book applies equally to them.