Pacific Sports Development Grants Successful Projects : 2012-2013


  • Samoa Tourism Authority and Surf Life Saving Samoa: $9,069 – support to regional surf life saving events and to increase the life saving skills of locals.
  • Rugby League Samoa: $8,945 – towards six weeks of after school clinics to promote participation in sport and provide education on leading a healthy lifestyle.

Solomon Islands

  • Central Provincial Government: $9,638 – to upgrade an existing netball facility to encourage more females in the province to participate in netball.
  • Auki Sports Coaching Program: $7,288 – support to a 12 month community disability sports program to increase opportunities for people with a disability to participate in sport, increase the number of participants and raise community awareness around people with a disability.
  • Honiara Netball Association: $6,610 – towards the upgrade of two existing netball facilities and to conduct community coaching and official workshops.


  • Denig Community Children Development Basketball Sports Program: $6,473 – to fund a community participation based basketball program for children, with strong links to the ASOP’s Epon Keramen program.
  • Naoero Surf Club: $10,000 – support for a project to teach children water safety, surfing and promote surfing for physical fitness.


  • Ministry of Education, Women Affairs and Culture: $9,999 – to conduct training for primary and secondary school teachers for the effective delivery of badminton classes (to be conducted in schools not reached by training from the Ministry of Education during the introduction of badminton into the school curriculum).
  • ‘Eua National Sports Council: $8,775 – support to establish a faculty for fitness and exercise for 15 villages and nine schools and promote leading a healthy lifestyle through physical activity.
  • Nuku’alofa Outrigger Canoe Club: $10,000 – towards additional canoe and safety equipment.  A five month project will be conducted to increase community participation in this traditional sport, increase the water ability of participants and improve health through physical activity.

Federated States of Micronesia

  • Kosrae Tennis Association: $9,875 – support to upgrade existing tennis facilities to increase community participation.
  • Federated States of Micronesia National Olympic Committee: $10,000 – support to an existing program across six municipals for community sport activities, tournaments, education towards healthy lifestyles and social development.
  • Yap Association of Paddlers: $10,000 – towards equipment to allow increased community participation in outrigger canoeing and help address the risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) through increased community participation in physical activity.

Marshall Islands

  • Waan Aelon in Majel: $10,000 – the restoration of five traditional canoes and an additional canoe to allow more opportunities for community participation in the sport, increase female and youth participation, social development and to help prevent the loss of cultural traditions.
  • Rita Sports Club: $9,780 – support to clean a local lagoon for increased water safety and to establish a recreational community swimming facility.

Papua New Guinea

  • Kurumul Rugby League: $10,000 – towards the upgrade of a community rugby field and conducting workshops to up skill administrators, coaches and referees to increase community involvement in the sport and discourage youth from unsocial behaviour.
  • Papua New Guinea Judo Federation: $8,900 – to establish four judo clubs for grassroots participation programs to increase opportunities for people with a disability, those who are disadvantaged and females to participate. Education for health and social development will be provided to participants.


  • Vanuatu Volleyball Federation: $9,144 – support to train community leaders in the outer islands of Vanuatu to implement regular youth volleyball activities for social development and to increase community understanding of the importance of physical activity in leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Anglican Church of Melanesia: $10,000 – to establish a multipurpose sports facility and provide physical education instruction training to secondary school teachers to increase participation in sport.
  • Athletics Vanuatu: $10,000 – the implementation of an athletics program across schools to up skill teachers in physical education instruction, increase physical activity, promote the benefits of exercise for health, social and personal development.


  • Fiji Surfing Association: $9,831 – towards lifesaving education and skills training programs to develop water safety awareness and skills in children. Ten new local surf lifesaving instructors will be trained to help reduce the rates of drowning in Fiji.
  • AFL Fiji: $10,000 – support to expand a community program across Fiji schools in which qualified instructors will teach local communities the game, management and leadership skills.
  • Fiji Hockey Federation: $10,000 – towards capacity building in four communities to organise and run hockey activities and training to school teachers to increase participation, by youth and women in particular.

Cook Islands

  • Cook Island Rugby Union: $10,000 – to conduct a seven month project to improve the current participation program and to reach the outer islands to build their capacity to deliver the program. Education to increase community awareness and prevention on health issues such as NCDs will also be delivered.
Last Updated: 15 April 2013