How to Apply for Grant Funding

Timing of Funding applications

Applications should preferably be made at least six months in advance of the starting date of the proposed activity to enable consideration by Council meeting (normally three or four each year) and to allow adequate time for the relevant financial procedures. 

The deadline for receipt by the AIC Secretariat of funding applications is normally four weeks prior to the date of the respective Council meeting, but may in some circumstances be more than four weeks prior to the respective meeting. Applicants should therefore contact the Secretariat for details of meeting dates and funding application cut-off dates. 

Please note: applications postmarked on cut-off day will still be accepted.

How to apply for AIC funding

Applications must be clear, legible, and consistent with the provisions of the AIC's Funding Application Form.  Applicants should pay particular attention to the following matters as set out in the Funding Application Form:

  • description of the activity, including a concise definition of its main objectives
  • how the activity would make a substantial and enduring contribution to AIC objectives
  • starting and finishing dates of the activity
  • detailed budget, clearly setting out funds that the applicant is making available, funds sought from any other organisation, and the amount sought from the AIC 
  • evidence of qualifications/experience enabling the applicant to carry out the activity
  • advice of any previous AIC or Australian Government funding assistance

All essential information should be in the body of the application, with attachments strictly limited to documents supporting information set out in the application (attachments are not normally included in the brief provided for members’ consideration at Council meetings).

The budget should make adequate provision for all likely expenses.  The AIC will not normally consider requests for supplementary funding.  The AIC may also decline to fund specific items in project budgets, or to provide funding at the level sought. 

When preparing an application, it should be borne in mind that the AIC may not be familiar with the applicant or with the applicant's organisation or field of activity.  As the AIC's decision will be primarily based on the information provided in the application, this document should be clear, accurate, comprehensive and concise.

Applications should be addressed to:

The Director
Australia-India Council Secretariat
PO Box 5363

Functions of the Australia-India Council

The functions of the Australia-India Council (AIC) are to make recommendations to the Australian Government, through the Minister for Foreign Affairs, for the broadening and deepening of the relationship between Australia and India, with particular emphasis on:

  • raising awareness of Australia in India, and of India in Australia;
  • promoting visits and exchanges between the two countries of individuals and groups for the purpose of broadening relations in a number of areas, including the arts, commerce, education, the news media, science and technology, and sport. 
  • encouraging the development of Australia-India institutional links between universities, museums, libraries, technical colleges, research institutes, professional bodies and appropriate non-government organisations; and
  • supporting Australian studies in India, and Indian studies in Australia.

Australia-India Council funding and objectives

In carrying out these functions, the AIC provides funding for innovative proposals which will, in the Council's assessment, advance the Council's objectives, which are:

  • to initiate and support, among influential persons and groups in Australia and India, activities that encourage a greater interest in the development of relations between the two countries, including economic relations
  • to initiate and support exchanges that demonstrate to Indians Australian excellence in the arts, sports and other fields, and that give Indians an opportunity to learn more about the nature of Australian society
  • to encourage Australians to take a greater interest in developments in India, by supporting activities that increase the level and quality of public awareness, and broaden community knowledge and understanding, of India in Australia
  • to initiate, monitor and publicise important developments in the various fields of Australia-India relations
  • to seek maximum publicity for the Council's activities as a means of encouraging wider public appreciation of and support for the Council's role
  • To seek community involvement in and private sector support for the Council's activities.

Activities not funded

The AIC is interested in a very broad range of activities.  Funding, however, will not normally be made available for the following purposes:

  • capital expenditure on real property, and purchase of equipment
  • travel and accommodation costs for attendance at conferences, meetings, fieldwork, sporting and other short-term activities where such activities are not of direct relevance to the AIC's objectives (see note below on conferences, meetings etc.)
  • activities which are properly the responsibility of other funding bodies or other government agencies (eg academic research, development assistance projects, activities under bilateral science and technology agreements, and trade promotion activities normally handled by Austrade)
  • activities which are commercially viable in their own right
  • day-to-day operational costs of the organisations seeking funding, e.g. wages, salaries
  • funding of completed activities, or recurrent funding of activities.

Conferences, meetings, fieldwork, sporting events

The AIC does not generally fund travel and accommodation for attendance at conferences or meetings, nor participation in fieldwork or sporting or other events, unless such activities are considered by the Council to be of direct relevance to its objectives.  In considering applications for funding for such purposes, the AIC considers whether:

  • the activity would involve a sharing or transfer of expertise from which institutions or individuals in both countries would benefit, and in ways which would directly advance the AIC's objectives
  • the activity includes a wider program that would directly advance the AIC's objectives
  • the activity would result in an expansion of links in new areas in ways consistent with the AIC's objectives
  • alternative sources of funding are either unavailable, or have been adequately explored.
  • In its decisions on funding attendance at conferences or meetings, the AIC will normally apply the following additional criteria:
  • only one participant per conference or meeting will be funded
  • the conference or meeting participant should be a principal speaker, and a copy of any paper presented by the participant is to be provided to the AIC together with the report on the activity.


Applicants for Council funding will be advised in writing of the outcome of their application.  Successful applicants will be advised of any special conditions which the AIC may attach to their activity (including which components the AIC has offered to fund - see notes on Report on completion of project, below*) and will receive the Council's Conditions of Award of Funding and Funding Acceptance forms. 

As payment will not be made until the applicant has signified acceptance of funding conditions by signing and returning the Funding Acceptance Form and has presented a tax invoice as per letter, successful applicants should ensure that the form is completed and returned to the Secretariat as soon as possible. 

Responsibilities of successful applicants

Funding recipients are normally responsible for all administrative costs and arrangements associated with their project, including visa and travel arrangements, visa charges, airport taxes, ground transport, travel and health insurance for project participants, medical and hospital insurance cover for visitors not covered by Medicare in Australia (including evacuation and death cover), any necessary insurance for equipment, and accommodation costs and arrangements. 

Funding recipients should note that health insurance is essential.  The AIC will not accept any liability for any medical, hospital or evacuation costs incurred by participants in projects funded by the Council. 

Funding recipients are also responsible for making their own arrangements regarding any taxation liabilities that may arise from the award of funding.

All funding recipients must abide by the Conditions of Award of Funding attached to this paper.  The funding may otherwise be withdrawn.  Applicants should therefore read these conditions carefully before submitting an application.

GST obligations

To clarify funding procedures, the AIC requires the following information in writing from funding applicants:

  • the Australian Business Number (ABN) of the individual or organisation applying for funds, or advice that the individual or organisation does not have an ABN
  • advice as to whether the individual or organisation is registered for the Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Under the Pay As You Go tax obligations, the Department of Foreign Affairs and trade is required to withhold tax (at the rate of 48.5%) and remit it to the Australian Tax Office, when the applicant does not have an ABN, or cannot provide written advice from the ATO of exemption from the withholding tax.  Successful funding applicants who do not have an ABN should therefore provide the Council with written confirmation, where applicable, of one or more of the following, preferably on the ATO “Statement by a Supplier” form NAT 3346-6.2000:

  • that the payment is of a private or domestic nature;
  • that the applicant is not carrying on an enterprise;
  • that the applicant is an “income tax exempt body”; or
  • that the applicant has applied for an ABN and has been rejected by the ATO. 

Report on completion of project

It is a condition of AIC funding that recipients provide a report within eight weeks of completion of the activity to enable an informed assessment of the appropriateness and effectiveness of the expenditure of AIC funds.  The report should include:

  • key events, dates, and locations of the activity, names of AIC-funded participants, and participant numbers (including gender breakdown) 
  • where the activity involves participation in a conference or meeting, a copy of papers presented by any AIC-funded participant
  • summary of the means by, and extent to which, the activity achieved its stated objectives
  • summary of the extent and impact of publicity for the activity
  • identification of any difficulties encountered in carrying out the activity
  • a description of future activities expected to arise from the completed activity, particularly on an independent basis
  • a financial statement authorised by a certified accountant, containing sufficient detail to enable an informed assessment of the appropriateness of the expenditure of AIC funds.  * Please note that, as emphasised under Notification, above, expenditure of AIC funding must only be for components of the activity specified in the AIC’s letter of offer.
  • documentary evidence for expenditure of AIC funding, including used airline tickets and receipts for major expenditure items. 

An interim report is required in the case of any activity that extends beyond six months.

Access and equity

All funding applications are made using standard documents and are assessed by a standard appraisal procedure, helping to ensure consistency and equity in Council funding decisions. 

The Australia-India Council is committed to the principles of equal opportunity and encourages individuals and organisations from target groups to apply for funding for projects consistent with the Council’s guidelines. 

Applications should be addressed to:

The Director
Australia-India Council Secretariat
PO Box 5363

Conditions of Award of Funding

  1. The money constituting the funding shall be used only for the specific activity for which the funding is awarded.
  2. The approved activity shall not be undertaken by any body or person other than the funding recipient without prior approval of the AIC.
  3. The funding recipient shall notify the AIC of any alternative or additional source of funding for the approved activity, whether such funding becomes available before or after the award of AIC funding.
  4. No changes in an approved activity, or in the allocation of money among approved activities within a project, shall be made without the prior approval of the AIC.
  5. The funding may be terminated at any time if, in the opinion of the AIC, the approved activity is not being carried out with due competence and diligence or the funding recipient has not complied with any funding condition. 
  6. If the commencement or conclusion of the approved activity is delayed for any reason, a request for postponement of the starting and/or finishing dates must be made in writing to the AIC at the earliest opportunity.
  7. If an approved activity is delayed but the AIC does not agree to a postponement of the starting and/or finishing dates in accordance with paragraph 6 above, the funding recipient must refund the amount of the award to the AIC within one month of receipt of written notification of the AIC's decision.
  8. Funding recipients are expected to cooperate with the AIC in publicising the activity, and AIC sponsorship must be appropriately acknowledged during the course of the activity and in any publicity arising from it. 
  9. Within eight weeks of completion of the activity, the funding recipient shall provide the AIC with a written report on the activity, including a financial statement authorised by a certified accountant, with documentary evidence of expenditure of AIC funding such as used airline tickets and receipts for major expenditure items.
  10. Provision of funding is subject to fulfilment of any special conditions set out by the AIC in its letter of offer or elsewhere, including any requirement for project participants to undertake briefing prior to commencement of the project.
  11. Upon completion of the project, or termination of the project for any reason, money that has not been expended according to the conditions of the award of the funding shall be refunded to the AIC, as well as any indirect tax savings resulting from the abolition of the wholesale sales tax and some other indirect taxes and duties. 

Note for funding applicants

The Council seeks funding applications from individuals or organisations in Australia for projects which are likely to promote long-term contact and cooperation between Australia and India.  The Council’s program expenditure categories during 2002-2003 are as follows: 

  • The Arts, including Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Arts Management
  • Commerce, including Economics
  • Education, including Australian Studies and Indian Studies
  • Environment
  • Health and Social Issues
  • Institutional and Professional Links, including Law and Governance
  • Print and Electronic Media, Film and Public Awareness
  • Sport

During 2002-2003 the Council’s priority project funding areas will be the Arts, Education and Health and Social Issues.  The Council will continue to give preference to projects which add value to previous Council-supported projects and which include substantial funding support from other project partners.

Australia-India Council
PO Box 5363 Kingston ACT 2604
Telephone (02) 6261 3833
Facsimile (02) 6112 3833

Last Updated: 11 October 2012