Australian Studies Program: Book Prizes

Australian Studies Book Prizes are awarded biennially at the conference of the Chinese Australian Studies Association. Two prizes will be awarded for the best books published in Chinese on Australian themes over the previous two years. Normally, one prize is for an original work and one for a translation.

The prizes are awarded to recognise and encourage the efforts of researchers, writers and translators working in the field of Australian Studies in China.

2012 Book Prizes

Applications for the 2012 Book Prizes should be submitted by Monday 7 May 2012 to:

Ms Marilyn Barton
Project Officer, Australian Studies in China,
School of English, Media Studies and Art History,
The University of Queensland,
St Lucia, QLD 4072, Australia

Nomination forms and two (2) copies of the book should be forwarded.

The prizes will be in the form of a return airfare to Australia for further research and/or book promotion. The prize winners will have 12 months from the date of notification of the prize in which to make the trip to Australia. A letter outlining the benefits and outcomes of the trip is required to be sent to the University of Queensland, which manages this program on behalf of the Council, within one month of the end of the prize winner's trip to Australia.

The Selection Committee will consider original writings and translations in Chinese, on subjects relating to Australian culture, arts, media, economy, science, technology, medicine, law, and social sciences. Individual (or joint) authors, translators, editors, publishers and Australian Studies Centres on behalf of individuals can make nominations for this prize.

The prize will be awarded to the winners at the next Australian Studies Conference at Xihua University, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, in July 2012.

Previous awards

2010 Book Prizes

For the 2009-2010 period, no suitable works were submitted in the ‘original' category but that there were two outstanding works in the translation category. Therefore two translation prizes were awarded and one High Commendation, also for a translation. The winners received a return airfare to Australia.

The two winners were:

Professor Zhang Wei, from Shandong University at Weihai, for the translation of Eric Rolls's, Citizens: Flowers and the Wide Sea. Translated as The History of Australian Chinese (1888-1995), published by Zhongshan University Press in 2009.

Professor Zhang Yongxian leading a team of translators from Renmin University, for their translation of David Walker's, Anxious Nation: Australia and the Rise of Asia 1850-1939, published by China Renmin University Press, 2009.

The judges were impressed both by the quality of the translations and the significance of the works which had been selected for translation, and the importance of the contribution they would make to Australian Studies in China.

Highly commended was Professor Zhu Jiongqiang, from Zhejiang University, whose translation of Patrick White's The Eye of the Storm was published in a new edition, from Yilin Press in 2009.

2008 Book Prizes

Original Work


Australian Literary Criticism, by Chen Hong (East China Normal University) with Chen Feiniand Fan Lin, Shanghai Literature and Arts Publishing House.


Studies on the World’s Nations: Australia, by Shen Yongxing, Zhang Qiuisheng and Gao Gourong (Xuzhou Normal University), 2nd Edition, China Social Sciences Publishing House, Beijing.



An Australian in China (G H Morrison), translated by Dou Kun (Beijing Academy of Social Sciences), Fujian Education Press.


  • The Red Thread (Nicolas Jose), translated by Li Yao and Huan Zhong, The People’s Literature Publishing House, Beijing.
  • Contemporary Australian Poetry (new anthology), Selected by Ouyang Yu and John Kinsella,translated by Ouyang Yu, Shanghai Literature and Arts Publishing House

2006 Book Prizes

A prize of $5,000 was awarded to Huang Yejing and Ouyang Huanzi from the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. No translation prize was awarded; instead $10,000 was awarded to a new large-scale literary translation project directed by Professor Huang Yuanshen from the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade.

The winning publication was:

Huang Yejing and Ouyang Huanzi, Aodaliya xiandaihua fazhan jingyan ji qi dui zhongguo de qishi [The Experience of Australia’s Modernization: Implications for China]. Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press, 2005.

In addition, three other works were highly recommended and received award certificates:

  • Hou Minyue, The Impact of China’s Modernisation on Relations with Australia. Shanghai yiwen chubanshe, 2005
  • Zhu Jiongqiang, Huajian lueying [A Glimpse of English Literature]. Zhejiang jiaoyue chubanshe, 2005
  • Dou Kun, Molishun yu qingmo minchu de zhongguo [Dr GE Morrison and Modern China from the Late Qing to the Early Republican Periods] Fujian Education Press, 2005

2004 Book Prizes

Two prizes worth $5,000 each were awarded in February 2004 for the best books published in Chinese on Australian themes over the previous two years (2002 and 2003). One prize was for an original work and one for a translation.

The Australia-China Council awarded the 2004 Australian Studies Book Prizes to:

  • Professor Zhang Wei & Deng Tianying, Hebei UniversityThe Media in Australia (Beijing: Peking University Press, 2002) – Original Work.
  • Australian Studies Centre of Xiamen University"Special Issue on "The Australian Economy after the Asian Economic Crisis" published in Honour of the Thirtieth Anniversary of China-Australia Relations." Journal of Translation from Foreign Literatures of Economics, Vol 3 No.113 (2002) – Translation

2001-2 Australian Studies Book Prize

The Australia-China Council is pleased to announce the award for the 2001-2 Australian Studies Book Prize.  The winner is:

  • Professor Du Xuezeng, Beijing Foreign Studies University
  • Australian Language and Culture–澳大利亞語言與文化
Last Updated: 5 November 2012