As part of its role in providing advice to the Australian Government on cultural diplomacy, the AICC has a particular interest in the following cultural diplomacy programs run by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

Focus Country Programs

The AICC mounts country-specific cultural programs which aim to strengthen and deepen ties with the countries through integrated arts and cultural events and activities.

This year the AICC will deliver cultural events in Indonesia.

Last year, the focus country program celebrated the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Vietnam. The program has shared Australian dance, music, sport, science education and cooking with Vietnamese audiences. Tours by Bangarra Dance Theatre, jazz trio Elixir and Questacon have been highlights.

Looking ahead, the AICC will present major cultural programs in Turkey in 2015 and Brazil in 2016. For further information regarding these programs please contact

Previously, focus country/region promotions have been presented in:

  • 2001 – United States
  • 2002 – Germany and China
  • 2003 – Germany and Japan
  • 2004 – South-East Asia
  • 2005 – Singapore, United Kingdom and India
  • 2006 – United Kingdom and India
  • 2007 – France and Malaysia
  • 2008 – Indonesia
  • 2009 – United States
  • 2010 – China
  • 2011 – Republic of Korea
  • 2012 – India
  • 2013 – Vietnam

Visit Imagine Australia: Australian Culture in China Portal for information on the 2010 focus country program and our ongoing public diplomacy activities in China.

Last Updated: 13 January 2014