Australia-International Cultural Council

The Australia International Cultural Council (AICC) is Australia's key cultural diplomacy body. Cultural diplomacy aims to engage overseas audiences through the delivery of high-quality and innovative arts and cultural promotions to increase their understanding of Australia's contemporary identity, values, interests and policies.

Australia's cultural assets include:

  • theatre
  • dance
  • film
  • television
  • new media
  • music
  • visual arts
  • literature
  • cultural heritage and conservation services
  • design and architecture
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts
  • disability arts
  • multicultural arts
  • community arts, and
  • national collecting institutions.


  • To promote Australia overseas through the arts and culture and strengthen people‑to‑people linkages through cultural exchanges and creative collaboration;
  • To reinforce Australia’s standing as a stable, sophisticated, multicultural and creative nation with a rich and diverse culture; and
  • To promote Australia’s Indigenous art and culture.


  • To coordinate programs to project a positive and contemporary image of Australia and Australia’s capabilities internationally through the delivery of high quality and innovative arts and cultural promotions
  • To strengthen long-term cultural relationships with our key regional partners, particularly in Asia
  • To enhance market access and lead market development strategies for Australian cultural exports
  • To strengthen business engagement and connections

Priority regions

Priority regions reflect Australia's broad public diplomacy and foreign and trade policy interests. The priority regions, in order of priority, are currently:

  1. Asia
  2. South Pacific
  3. Middle East and Africa, and
  4. the Americas and Western Europe.
Last Updated: 17 March 2014

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Australia–Vietnam relations

In 2013, the AICC celebrated the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Vietnam. The program featured Australian dance, music, sport, science education and cooking.

40th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Vietnam logo

Oz Fest

Oz Fest was the AICC focus country program for 2012 and concluded on 6 February 2013. The festival showcased the creativity, dynamism and diversity of Australia through major events across India focusing on Australian music, art, food, films, literature, dance, sport, ideas and much more.

Oz Fest - Australia Unlimited