New Colombo Plan - Connect to Australia's future, study in the region. Australian Government

Summary of New Colombo Plan Tranche One Offers

Institution Destination Study option(s) Discipline/Australian university faculty involved
Charles Darwin University Indonesia Short-term study School of Law
Charles Sturt University Indonesia Short-term study Faculty of Science, School of Animal and Veterinary Science
Curtin University of Technology Indonesia Short-term study
Electrical, Telecommunication, Chemical Engineering, Geophysics, Petroleum, Metallurgy and Mining, Civil and Mechanical Engineering
Deakin University Indonesia Short-term study Faculty of Arts and Education, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Griffith University Japan Practicum
Short-term study
School of Architecture
Also film and language
James Cook University Singapore Clinical placement Faculty of Medicine, Health and Molecular Sciences, School of Medicine and Dentistry
Queensland University of Technology Indonesia Short-term study Science and Engineering Faculty, Creative Industries Faculty and Business Faculty
La Trobe University Singapore Short-term study
Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering
Macquarie University Hong Kong Short-term study
Arts, Business and Economics, Human Sciences and Science, Arts – Law School
Southern Cross University Indonesia Short-term research
Short-term study
School of Environment, Science and Engineering with input from Education, Tourism and Business
Monash University Japan Semester-based
Clinical placement
Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences
The University of Adelaide Japan Practicum
Semester based
Short-term study
Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of the Professions
The University of Melbourne Japan Semester-based Faculty of Science, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Environments and Design, Faculty of Medicine Dentistry and Health Sciences
The Australian National University Japan Semester based
Short-term study
College of Asia and the Pacific, College of Arts and Social Sciences
University of New England Japan Semester-based School of Arts
The University of Queensland Japan Semester-based School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies, The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
The University of Sydney Singapore Short-term study
Architecture, Design and Planning; Arts and Social Science; Sydney Business School and Science
The University of Western Australia Singapore Short-term study Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
University of New South Wales Japan Semester-based
Business and Engineering
University of Newcastle Singapore Short-term study Open to all undergraduate students
University of South Australia Japan Internship/mentorship School of Engineering and Business School
University of Technology, Sydney Japan Semester-based Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
University of Wollongong Hong Kong Short-term research School of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences
Victoria University Indonesia Practicum College of Education