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New Colombo Plan Fact Sheet

What is the New Colombo Plan?

The New Colombo Plan is a signature initiative of the Australian Government which aims to lift knowledge of the Indo-Pacific in Australia.

By increasing the number of Australian undergraduates studying in the region, the New Colombo Plan will deepen Australia’s relationships with the region, both at the individual level and through expanding links between universities and businesses.

Over time, the Australian Government wants to see study in the Indo-Pacific region become a “rite of passage” for Australian students, and an endeavour that is highly valued across the Australian community.

The Australian Government has committed $100 million of funding over five years for the New Colombo Plan.

Quick Facts

  • The New Colombo Plan offers prestigious scholarships to Australian students for semester-based study and internships, as well as mobility grants to support hundreds of Australian students to undertake short and long-term study, internships, mentorships, practicums and research.
  • Internships and mentorships are a hallmark of the NCP and will foster links between Australian participants and businesses and other institutions in the region.
    • Internships are a monitored work or volunteer experience, offering students the chance to test their skills in real-life situations, explore career options and gain insight into an organisation. They can range from a few weeks to a year of work, be unpaid or paid, undertaken full-time (e.g. during a semester break) or part-time (during a course of formal study).
    • A mentorship is a personal development relationship where a business professional or academic helps to guide a student in his or her work or career.
  • An alumni program will ensure networks established through the New Colombo Plan are long-lasting.
  • A 2014┬ápilot phase of the New Colombo Plan is underway in Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.
  • The pilot is supporting a range of study opportunities through around 40 scholarships and grants for approximately 1300 students.
  • Other regional partners will be invited to join the New Colombo Plan from 2015.
  • The New Colombo Plan is open to Australian undergraduates aged 18 to 28 at Australian universities.

How to get involved

Close partnerships between governments, universities and business will support the implementation of this initiative. New Colombo Plan programs are flexible. Arrangements for study, internships and mentorships are made by universities, their students and businesses to suit the needs of all parties. Interested organisations should contact the New Colombo Plan Secretariat.

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