China: Stern Hu Consular Case: Trial

Statement by DFAT spokesperson

19 March 2010

Chinese authorities have officially informed our Beijing Embassy that the Shanghai court decision not to allow access to the court for the charge relating to stealing commercial secrets will stand.

As a consequence, Australian officials will not be admitted to that part of the trial. We are disappointed with this final decision. The Government’s disappointment with the decision has been registered with Chinese officials in Beijing and Canberra. The Australian Government does not propose to make further representations on this matter.

The trial is taking place in accordance with Chinese legal processes. Chinese law provides for closed hearings in such cases and the court has decided accordingly.

Mr Hu's legal counsel will be present throughout the trial.

Australian consular officials will be present during the open hearings on the bribery charge.

Australian officials will continue to monitor developments and Mr Hu's welfare closely in accordance with our consular role and responsibilities.