Tasmania State Office

Visitors and events

The Tasmania State Office has regular program of events and visitors in Hobart and across the state, including business seminars on topical trade issues, guest speakers including currently serving Australian Ambassadors/High Commissioners, high profile overseas visitors and experts from the department in Canberra.

If you have a query about or would like to request a meeting with one of our visitors, please email: dfat.tasmania@dfat.gov.au. In your email, please specify who would like to meet with our visitor as well as your interests in the visitor's particular area of responsibility.

Upcoming events
Dates Name of visitor/event Location Type of visitor/event
16 December, 0930 - 1100

Seminar by Andrew Ford, Director, Free Trade Agreement Policy & New Issues Section, DFAT on the WTO Environmental Goods Agreement

Tasmanian State Office
Level 1, 111 Macquarie Street,
To register, please email: dfat.tasmania@dfat.gov.au

Tasmania State Office (TSO) Newsletter

The Tasmania State Office regularly publishes newsletters about the latest foreign, trade and development issues affecting Tasmania and Australia more generally. If you wish to be added to the subscription list then please email: dfat.tasmania@dfat.gov.au