Australia and the United States - Foreign Policy Brief

  • A strong and close relationship with the United States serves Australia's national interests and brings us significant benefits.
  • Australia's longstanding partnership with the United States is founded on a shared affinity between our people. We both have deep democratic traditions and aspirations. We share elements of a common heritage and a record of cooperation and sacrifice.
  • No other country can match the economic size and global reach of the United States in international affairs, nor will any do so in the near future. Australia's ability to influence and work with the United States is essential to our prosperity and security.
  • Australia's Alliance with the United States has endured for over 60 years and remains vital and relevant to meeting shared global and regional security challenges.
  • The Alliance gives Australia privileged access to technology and joint training that maintains our defence capability and enhances our ability to protect ourselves. The Alliance provides Australia access to intelligence that helps fight terrorism. As one of the anchors for US engagement in our region, the Alliance makes an important contribution to the stability and prosperity of the Asia Pacific.
  • The United States is Australia‚Äôs largest destination and source of foreign investment, one of our top merchandise trading partners, and our largest two-way services trading partner.
  • The Alliance enhances our strategic interests in the Asia Pacific region.

Last Updated: 5 June 2013