Services Inscribed By Australia And New Zealand

As at 9 March 1999

(Where an activity is described further, the exemption in terms of Article 2.4 of the Services Protocol applies to the description only)

New Zealand Inscriptions


Airways Services:

Under the Civil Aviation Act 1990, the Airways Corporation of New Zealand is the sole provider of area control services, approach control services, and flight information services. The Civil Aviation Amendment Act 1992 repealed these provisions, but with effect from a date (or dates) to be specified by Order(s) in Council which may be made only on the recommendation of the Minister of Transport. Such recommendation(s) may be made only following consultation with the Civil Aviation Authority and if the Minister is satisfied that an appropriate safety regulatory regime is in place in respect of the services concerned.


Coastal Shipping

The Maritime Transport Act 1994 allows cargo or passengers (coastal cargo) to be picked up from one port in New Zealand and carried to another by three categories of ship. These are:

New Zealand ships;

Authorisation to carry coastal cargo is subject to compliance with other relevant provisions of the Maritime Transport Act and with other law, including the Resource Management Act, the Immigration Act, and border control legislation.

Australian Inscriptions

Air Services

State governments hold powers to regulate intrastate aviation on economic and public interest grounds.
Scheduled passenger and freight services within and between Australia and New Zealand are governed by an air services agreement which has treaty status and by the Australia-New Zealand Single Aviation Market Arrangements of 1996.

Coastal Shipping

Cabotage policy

Broadcasting and Television

Limits on foreign ownership as set out in the Broadcasting Services Act 1992.

Broadcasting and Television (Short-Wave and Satellite Broadcasting)

Third Party Insurance

Compulsory third party motor vehicle insurance.

Postal Services

The Australian Postal Corporation (Australia Post) has, under section 29 of the Australian Postal Corporation Act 1989, the exclusive right to carry letters for reward within Australia, whether the letters originated within or outside Australia. Section 30 of the Act sets out a number of exceptions to the reserved service, including: