Australia-Chile Free Trade Agreement

Chapter 20 - Institutional Arrangements

Article 20.1: Joint FTA Committee

1. The Parties hereby establish a Joint FTA Committee.

2. The Joint FTA Committee shall be composed of relevant government officials of each Party and shall be co-chaired by (i) a Deputy Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for Australia and (ii) the Director-General of International Economic Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Chile, or their respective designees.

3. The Joint FTA Committee shall:

(a) review the general functioning of this Agreement;

(b) review, consider and, as appropriate, decide on specific matters related to the operation, application and implementation of this Agreement, including matters reported by committees or working groups established under this Agreement;

(c) supervise the work of committees, working groups and contact points established under this Agreement;

(d) facilitate, as appropriate, the avoidance and settlement of disputes arising under this Agreement, including through consultations pursuant to Article 21.4 (Referral of Matters to the Joint FTA Committee – Dispute Settlement Chapter);

(e) consider and adopt any amendment to this Agreement or other modification or rectification to the commitments therein, subject to completion of necessary domestic legal procedures by each Party 20-[59];

(f) as appropriate, issue interpretations of the Agreement;

(g) review the wider trade relationship;

(h) explore ways to enhance further trade and investment between the Parties and to further the objectives of this Agreement; and

(i) take such other action as the Parties may agree.

4. The Joint FTA Committee may seek the advice of non-governmental persons or groups on matters covered by this Agreement.

Article 20.2: Meetings of the Joint FTA Committee

1. The Joint FTA Committee shall meet:

(a) in or shortly after the first year of entry into force of this Agreement; and

(b) thereafter as agreed by the Parties.

2. The Joint FTA Committee shall meet alternately in the territory of each Party, unless the Parties otherwise agree.

3. The Joint FTA Committee shall also meet in special session within 30 days of the request of a Party, with such sessions to be held in the territory of the other Party or at such location as may be agreed by the Parties.

4. All decisions of the Joint FTA Committee shall be taken by mutual agreement.

5. The Joint FTA Committee may adopt its own rules of procedure.

20-[59]Chile shall implement any amendment or other modification approved by the Joint FTA Committee of the following provisions of the Agreement through Acuerdos de Ejecución, in accordance with the Constitución Política de la República de Chile:
(i) the Schedules attached to Annex 3-B (Elimination of Customs Duties), to accelerate tariff elimination;
(ii) the rules of origin established in Annex 4-C (Rules of Origin Schedule); and
(iii) the entities listed in Annex 15-A to the Government Procurement Chapter.