Australia-Chile Free Trade Agreement

Chapter 18 - Cooperation

Article 18.1: General Objectives

1. The Parties agree to establish a framework for cooperative activities as a means to expand and enhance the benefits of this Agreement and to build a strategic economic partnership.

2. The Parties will establish close cooperation aimed inter alia at:

(a) strengthening and building on existing cooperative relationships;

(b) creating new opportunities for trade and investment, and for promoting competitiveness, fostering innovation and encouraging research and development;

(c) supporting the role of the private sector in promoting and building strategic alliances to encourage mutual economic growth and development; and

(d) increasing the level of and further developing cooperation activities between the Parties in areas of mutual interest.

Article 18.2: Scope

1. Cooperation between the Parties should contribute to achieving the objectives of this Agreement through the identification and development of innovative cooperation initiatives capable of providing added value to the bilateral relationship.

2. Cooperation between the Parties under this Chapter will complement the cooperation between the Parties set out in other Chapters of this Agreement.

3. Areas of cooperation may include but should not be limited to: science, agriculture including the wine industry, food production and processing, mining, energy, environment, small and medium enterprises, tourism, education, labour, human capital development and cultural collaboration.

4. Cooperation on labour and employment matters of mutual interest and benefit will be based on the concept of decent work, including the principles embodied in the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and its Follow-up (1998).

5. Cooperation on environment will reflect the commitment of both Parties to strengthening environmental protection and the promotion of sustainable development, in the context of strengthening trade and investment relations between them.

6. Cooperative activities will be agreed between the Parties and may include, but should not be limited to: exchanges of people and information; cooperation in regional and multilateral fora; dialogues, conferences and seminars; facilitating contacts between scientists and academia; the development of joint research programs; and the encouragement of private sector cooperation.

7. Areas of cooperation may be developed through existing agreements and through appropriate implementing arrangements including the designation of national contact points to facilitate activities on environment and labour cooperation.

Article 18.3: Innovation, Research and Development

Cooperation in innovation, research and development will be focused on cooperative activities in sectors where mutual and complementary interests exist. Among other activities, the Parties will encourage the exchange of experts and information. Where appropriate, they will also promote partnerships in the support of the development of innovative products and services and activities to promote linkage, innovation and technology exchange.

Article 18.4: Cooperation Committee

1. For the purposes of this Chapter, the Parties hereby establish a Cooperation Committee (“the Committee”) comprising representatives of each Party.

2. The Committee shall be coordinated and co-chaired by:

(a) in the case of Australia, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, or its successor; and

(b) in the case of Chile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the General Directorate for International Economic Affairs and the Chilean Agency for International Cooperation, or their successors.

3. In order to ensure the proper functioning of the Committee, each Party will designate a contact person no later than 6 months from the date of entry into force of this Agreement. Each Party will notify the other Party promptly of any change of contact person.

4. The Committee shall meet in or shortly after the first year of entry into force of this Agreement, and thereafter as agreed by the Parties.

5. The Committee shall:

(a) adopt the Committee’s operating procedures;

(b) discuss cooperative activities which might be undertaken under this Chapter;

(c) review where appropriate the implementation of cooperative activities;

(d) maintain and update information on cooperation between the Parties, including implementing arrangements; and

(e) undertake such other functions to foster cooperation including establishing working groups under this Chapter as the Parties may agree.

6. The Committee may interact, where appropriate, with relevant entities to address specific matters.

7. The Committee shall report periodically to the Joint FTA Committee the results of its meetings.

Article 18.5: Resources

With the aim of contributing to the fulfilment of the objectives of this Chapter, the Parties shall provide, within the limits of their own capacities and through their own channels, adequate resources to support cooperative activities, as required.