Australia China Free Trade Agreement

Australia-China FTA Negotiations General guidance on preparing submissions

Public submissions and comments on the Australia-China FTA will contribute to the development of negotiating priorities. They can take several forms — from a short email through to a lengthy analytical paper.

Submissions should identify specific market access problems and other issues that impede the expansion of Australian goods and services exports and investment into China.

In terms of goods trade, market access problems might include: tariffs; tariff rate quotas; the role of importing state trading enterprises; import licensing; technical barriers to trade, including certification and standards; quarantine requirements; rules of origin issues; and informal arrangements applied at the provincial level to imports. 

In the case of services, stakeholder views would be useful on equity limitations; requirements to operate as a joint venture; requirements on the employment of Chinese nationals; limitations on branch offices; recognition of qualifications and granting of licences to practise one’s profession; and visa issues. 

In the area of investment, stakeholder views would be useful on the effect of restrictions on repatriation of profits; joint venture regulations; licence requirements; and access to mining and energy exploration.

Stakeholder views on problems in doing business in China which cut across sectors such as intellectual property rights, transparency of government regulations and tendering processes are also relevant.