Chief Executive Certification for Government Advertising Campaigns

Instructions for completion:

This Chief Executive Certification template relates to advertising campaigns above the value of $250,000 conducted by agencies subject to the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997.

The Certification is to be completed by the agency Chief Executive Officer only after final materials relating to a proposed campaign have been considered by the Independent Communications Committee (ICC). Following this consideration, the ICC provides a report to agency Chief Executives on compliance with principles 1 to 4 of the Guidelines on Information and Advertising Campaigns by Australian Government Departments and Agencies (Guidelines).

The Certification Statement may be expanded to address any additional matters or sources of advice that the Chief Executive relied upon in taking the decision to certify compliance with the Guidelines.

The completed and signed Chief Executive Certification document (not including these instructions) is to be placed on the website of the agency/department responsible for the campaign as soon as practicable after it begins appearing in the media.

Questions on completion of this template should be addressed to the Department of Finance and Deregulation on (02) 6215 2677.

Certification Statement - Smartraveller Campaign: Phase III

I certify that the Smartraveller Phase III campaign airport advertising complies with the Guidelines on Information and Advertising Campaigns by Australian Government Departments and Agencies (Guidelines).

This certification takes into consideration the Report of the Independent Communications Committee, which indicates the Smartraveller campaign, in their view, complies with principles 1 to 4 of the Guidelines, dated 7 June 2012.

My certification has also been informed by advice and evidence of compliance with the Guidelines provided by officers within Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade with responsibility for the design, development and implementation of the Smartraveller campaign.

I certify compliance with relevant legal and procurement matters relating to the presentation and delivery of the campaign (principle 5 of the Guidelines).

Dennis Richardson
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
15 June 2012

Chief Executive to check below as appropriate.

Principle 1: Campaigns should be relevant to government responsibilities

The campaign relates to policies or programs underpinned by:

Suitable uses for government campaigns include to:

Principle 2: Campaign materials should be presented in an objective, fair and accessible manner and be designed to meet the objectives of the campaign

Principle 3: Campaign materials should be objective and not directed at promoting party political interests

Principle 4: Campaigns should be justified and undertaken in an efficient, effective and relevant manner

Principle 5: Campaigns must comply with legal requirements and procurement policies and procedures