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Annual Report - Contents
DFAT Annual Report 1998-99

Contents (Volume 1)

Letter of Transmission

Guide to the Report

Section 1: Overviews

Secretary’s Overview: The International Year in Review

The Year’s Highlights

Year 2000 (Y2K) Problem: International Dimensions

Portfolio Overview

Corporate Overview

Resources Summary

The Move to Accrual Budgeting

Section 2: Program Reports

International Relations, Trade and Business Liaison: Program 1

Interests in North Asia: Sub-program 1.1

Interests in South and South-East Asia: Sub-program 1.2

Interests in the Americas and Europe: Sub-program 1.3

Interests in the South Pacific, Africa and the Middle East:
Sub-program 1.4

Multilateral Trade Policy and Negotiations:
Sub-program 1.5

Trade Strategy Development and Business Liaison:
Sub-program 1.6

Global Issues: Sub-program 1.7

International Legal Interests: Sub-program 1.8

Information and Cultural Relations: Sub-program 1.9

Passport and Consular Services: Program 2

Passport Services: Sub-program 2.1

Consular Services: Sub-program 2.2

Services for Other Agencies: Program 3

Services to Parliament, the Media and the Public:
Sub-program 3.1

Services to Foreign Representatives in Australia:
Sub-program 3.2

Services to Australian Government Agencies Overseas:
Sub-program 3.3

Secure Government Communications & Security Services: Program 4

Australian Diplomatic Communications Network (ADCNET):
Sub-program 4.1

Security Services: Sub-program 4.2

Executive and DFAT Corporate Services: Program 5

Executive Direction: Sub-program 5.1

DFAT Corporate Services: Sub-program 5.2

Section 3: Appendixes

1 Ministerial Responsibilities

2 Staffing Overview

A. Staffing Overview
B. Performance Pay
C. Staff Training

3 Equal Employment Opportunity Data

4 Occupational Health and Safety

5 Freedom of Information

6 Publications

7 Inquiries by Parliamentary Committees

8 Decisions by Courts and Administrative Tribunals

9 Consultancy Services

10 Grants and Contributions

11 Advertising and Market Research

12 Council Members

13 Overseas Running Costs

14 State, Territory and Regional Offices

15 Summary of Posts

16 Overseas Accreditations and Responsibilities

Section 4: Financial Statements

Section 4 - Financial Statements (pp 329-377) - pdf

Section 5: Glossary and Indexes

Glossary of Abbreviations and Acronyms

Compliance Index

List of Tables & Figures

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