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The 1997-98 Annual Report of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade was tabled in Parliament on 26 October 1998. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade does not guarantee that the information is complete or correct, although it is considered to be correct at the time of publishing. For the authorised version of the Annual Report, please refer to the printed version tabled in Parliament. Copies can be obtained through AusInfo bookshops.

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  • Executive Editor: Abigail Rossiter
  • Coordinating Editor: Mary- Jane Liddicoat
  • Appendices Editor: Leann Johnston
  • AusAID Coordinator: Leanne Merrett
  • Organisation Charts: Natalie Le Lievre, Desktop Publishing
  • Trade Charts: Graham Andrews, Market Information and Analysis Unit
  • Financial Data: Budget Management Section and Financial Management and Accounting Section
  • Editorial Consultant: Ann Duffy

Comments about this Report

Comments about this report are welcome and should be directed to: Director Corporate Planning Section Executive, Planning and Evaluation Branch Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade RG Casey Building, John McEwen Crescent Barton ACT 0221 telephone (02) 6261 1111 facsimile (02) 6261 3541

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