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This report is the Secretary’s account to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Minister for Trade on the performance of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) during the financial year 1997- 98. Its preparation is in accordance with the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Requirements for Departmental Annual Reports of April 1998, which draws on the legislative requirements set out in the Public Service Act 1922. Information and statistics cover the financial year 1997- 98, or relate to the situation as at 30 June 1998.


The report comprises six parts:

  • Part A, the international context and the portfolio and corporate overviews, describe the environment in which the portfolio operates and the portfolio and organisational structure of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and AusAID
  • Part B, the resources summary, provides an overview of the financial and staffing resources appropriated to the programs
  • Part C, the program reports, measure the performance of the six programs of the portfolio
  • Part D, the appendices, contain statistical and other information to provide further detail on the performance and administrative aspects of the portfolio’s programs, and to meet the legislative requirements for the preparation of annual reports
  • Part E, the financial statements for DFAT and AusAID
  • Part F, the glossary and indices.

Supplementary Information Available on Request

The following additional information is available via the Internet at and

  • Portfolio Bodies
    • Portfolio legislation and Statutory Authorities
    • Non-statutory Bodies
    • Government Companies and Incorporate Associations
    • Business Regulations
  • Social Justice and Equity
    • EEO in Appointments
  • Staffing Matters
    • Distribution of Performance Pay
    • Expenditure on Training
  • Financial Matters
    • Claims and Lossess
    • Purchasing
    • IT Purchasing Arrangements
    • Payment of Accounts
    • Details of Consultancies
    • Grant Recipients
  • Internal and External Scrutiny
    • Fraud Control
    • Inquiries by Parliamentary Committees
    • Decisions by Courts and Administrative Tribunals
  • Privacy
  • Property Matters
    • Capital Works Management
    • Environment
    • Property Usage
  • Other Matters
    • Treaty Action

Contact Details

The general contact address for DFAT is: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade RG Casey Building John McEwen Crescent Barton ACT 0221 tel (02) 6261 1111 Internet website

The general contact address for AusAID is: AusAID GPO Box 887 Canberra ACT 2001 tel (02) 6206 4000 Internet website

Distribution of the Report

This report is available through AusInfo Bookshops, the Department’s website or the Parliamentary and Media Branch of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Should you wish to obtain additional information relating to a specific program, an organisational chart at the beginning of each sub- program indicates the administering division or branch. You can contact divisions and branches through the general switchboard on (02) 6261 1111 (DFAT), (02) 6206 4000 (AusAID) or through the postal address.

Note on Style Conventions Used in the Report

All dollars are Australian unless otherwise specified.

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