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Audit Report No.14 1997-98: Financial Control and Administration Audit: Official Travel by Public Sector Employees

A number of recommendations, including acquittal of domestic and overseas travel, pre-travel approval by a delegate and use of a charge card system, will be reviewed by the parties involved in the negotiation of the proposed Certified Agreement (currently being finalised) in the light of this report. In addition, all existing policies and procedures for Agency travel are being consolidated to ensure all key travel requirements are adequately addressed in the one document.

Audit Report No.15 1997-98: Internet Security Management

In response to recommendations made in this multi-agency report, an AusAID IT Security Policy (which includes Internet security) and a Responsible User Guide were issued as Office Procedure Circulars in 1997. The development of an IT disaster recovery plan will also address this issue, and related procedures for detecting and monitoring incidences of attempts to break into AusAID computer systems.

In addition, AusAID commissioned an independent expert to regularly test the effectiveness of the security controls, to document weaknesses discovered through these tests and to recommend improvements. The operation of the security firewall (developed by a company with certification from the Defence Signals Directorate) is fully documented.

Audit Report No.27 1997-98: Managing the Year 2000 Problem

AusAID’s year 2000 assessment and planning activity has been reviewed and documented as part of regular reporting to the Office of Government Information Technology. Implementation of year 2000 activities has been regularly brought to the attention of AusAID’s senior management.

In response to recommendations made in this report, AusAID arranged for an independent expert review of the Agency’s year 2000 compliance. The review will set out a strategy for the management of year 2000 risks relating to AusAID’s business critical systems, including milestones for monitoring purposes.

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