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Output 4.2: Quality and quantity information

Quality indicators

Quantity indicators

Management of construction projects

Projects in the overseas owned estate continued to be managed within time and cost targets.

Projects completed in 2007–08 were new chanceries in New Delhi and Vientiane, and refurbishment and other works in London, Honiara, Islamabad, Riyadh and Singapore. Project planning was initiated on our new chancery in Bangkok, building works continued on the new chancery in Amman and work commenced on the new chancery in Phnom Penh. Refurbishment works continued on chanceries in Dhaka and Kuala Lumpur. Work on leased chancery relocations continued in Belgrade, Madrid and Tel Aviv, and on the leased chancery compound in Baghdad (see quantity information for output 4.2).

Land was acquired for the relocation of our chanceries in Jakarta and Nairobi.

Contractual outcomes required

The performance of UGS is measured against contractual indicators relating to financial and business processes, tenant satisfaction, portfolio condition, divestments and capital works. Overall, the contract delivered good outcomes.

Tenant satisfaction

See output 4.1 quality and quantity information.

Quantity information for output 4.2

Number of project contracts managed

During 2007–08 OPO completed seven projects in the overseas owned estate, and had oversight of nine projects under construction in the owned and leased estate. OPO managed preliminary and design works for 14 properties approved for relocation or refurbishment. In accordance with its obligation to maintain the long-term value and condition of the overseas estate, and to meet security and other requirements, OPO undertook feasibility studies for possible or prospective future works in a number of other locations overseas.

Number of calls answered and response times

A total of 6998 calls were made to the UGS call centre, with 99.4 per cent of calls responded to within key performance indicator response times.

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